For the junior player, by the junior player

Hisham Ashour Squash Academy

Hisham Ashour Squash Academy

CityView Racquet Club, Long Island City, NY


Led by: Hisham Ashour, former PSA World # 11 and one of the world’s most prominent coaches. Hisham coached and mentored his brother Ramy Ashour, former World #1 and former World #1 Bronze Level Juniors

Dates: Junior Clinics – Fall 2017, Winter 2017, Spring 2018

Camps: Summer 2018 (check website for specific dates)

Location: CityView Racquet Club, Long Island City, NY

Formats: Open to all levels

Private lessons

Introductory Beginner Lesson Package – for the first time player looking to get familiar with the game of squash

Junior Clinics – group sessions intended to be the core training method for Juniors

Summer Camps – one-week camps (4 hours per day) for both Bronze and Silver/Gold Levels; involve drills sets, conditioning games, coached match play, racquet skill drills, shot selection and decision making

Program: Hisham’s coaching philosophy is that excellence comes with consistent and comprehensive training in mental skills, strategy, mechanics and fitness, combined with positive energy. Train hard, but don’t forget to have fun!

The Academy stresses a comprehensive training regimen of five elements: Private or Semiprivate Training, Group Training, Solo Practice, Match Play and Fitness/Strength sessions

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